2017 Tour dates

Can somebody tell me when are 2017 tour dates going to be released?


  • bethbloodbethblood Posts: 1
    I'm interested in 2017 tour dates also! Michigan would be great!
  • BroughyBroughy Posts: 1
    Will Billy be playing The Garden in 2017? I have seen him 6 times in Australia and my dream is to see him in NYC. I will be there 2 - 9 Feb 2017. Please make it so .. xoxo
  • Like Broughy above, I am a huge fan who lives in Australia. Billy, as a young Uni student I slept out for tickets for your amazing Melbourne concert in 1984. I am now a much older paediatrician who pipes your music through my surgery; especially the exquisite "I've loved these days", "She's got a way" and the rest of the beautiful attic album.
    I shall be visiting NYC in February for the first time and it would make the trip absolutely complete to see you in concert. Please indicate when you are playing the Garden (or anywhere I else, my wife and I will come to you!!!).
    Regardless mate, you are the greatest and I thank you for the joy you have given through your music over many years. Best always, Luke Sammartino.
  • Something tells me there's gonna be a few dates in Miami at some point next year. ;o)
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