Wrongfully treated at MSG, anyone else?


Ever since you have been touring at MSG my fiancee and I have been obsessed over trying to get tickets to go. We have tried doing the pre-sale, but tickets always sell out within a few minutes. Then when we try to buy tickets off re sellers websites they cost over $250 for okay seats. Finally for his August show of this year we were able to get resold tickets for $180 a seat, which is still a lot for us since we are in our mid 20's, but was the best we could afford. All week I was so excited to go to the concert, I would play your music on my commute to and from work everyday. The day of I was so excited to go, my fiance and I left work early, got together with our friends and got on the train to NYC. As we sat in our seats my heart was pounding ready for the show to start. The lights dimmed and shortly after there was you were sitting on the piano. I was in absolute heaven!
That lasted a few short minutes, I went to go say something to my friend, but didn't realize we was holding her beer and I bumped into it spilling it on the two women in front of us! I was in such horror and repeatedly apologized to them, but they weren't expecting my apology, one of them even thought I vomited on them! They got up and left their seats, which we assumed they were going to the bathroom. We again apologized to the gentlemen they were with, as we were trying to wipe up their seats. The one man just said in a snarky remark "just don't let it happen again". I was in utter shock that came out of his mouth. I tried to ignore and zone back into the concert I so deeply wanted to see.
I was very happy to be at the show along with everyone else so we always applauded loudly and yelled after every song. We also got up and danced during a two songs.
Out of the corner of my eye I see the two women from before turning around and glaring at us, this would happen every 5 minutes of or so. I was very salty that these women didn't except the apology and then have to do that instead of forgetting about it. Then shortly after I had a brief conversation into my friend's ear and the man sitting by the two women yelled "Would you shut the f**k up!". I felt discriminated because we were younger having a good time and had one accident and that was it everyone hated us and thought we were drunk kids! A few short minutes later someone with a flashing light is pointing at us and telling me and my four other friends to come with them. I was very confused what was happening because this shorter women and three other bouncers weren't saying a word and made us go into the elevator with them. So I started to say repeatedly "what is happening". After a few minutes the short women just turns to me and yells "you know what is happening, you are being kicked out because you are too drunk! You were already warned!". Then she ripped our tickets up in front of us and told us to leave without letting us explain our side of the story. We were also never warned so it didn't make sense to any of us.
I was absolutely crushed, the one thing I had been looking forward to in a long time, was taken from me a quarter of the way through the show.
We tried to talk to the bouncers outside to see if we could talk to someone, but after 10 minutes of trying a man in a blazer came over to us and said if we don't leave he's calling the cops to arrest us for trespassing.
I am just appalled at the way we were treated, I even tried calling to see if there was anyway we could be refunded or receive tickets to the other show dates. They basically said "no we don't do refunds, there was an incident reported against you so there is nothing you can do". I just wanted to see you in concert so bad and I would love the opportunity to see you without being treated so poorly! Not sure if this has ever happened to anyone else at MSG, but I would love to hear your stories!

Love one of your many adoring fans,



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    Listen, Karina. I'm not looking to be confrontational, and I'm sure you will think ill of me, or at least that I am unsympathetic. But I think you are dead wrong in your expectation and disappointment.
    I know that accidents happen, but I have been to way too many Billy Joel concerts and countless sporting events to know that when people spill their beer on me that they are in the wrong and the fact that more people don't get treated the way you did last night is the only shameful thing about the matter.
    You cared so much about going, all that build up to the event, and then you tossed it all away because you not only are like a child with a bottle (having to have drinks at your seat), but you were also careless with them and ruined other patrons' night by making them wear smelly beer all over their clothes (and I've been in their places before...believe me, it is really nasty when you don't drink and you have to go around cold and wet from some idiot's smelly drink all over you).
    Call it a lesson learned. You won't (I hope) be that irresponsible again in the future. And for your information; not sure if you are just whining for sympathy from Billy and his people, but we all know that the presale never sells out that quickly. I have been able to buy tickets days after they first go on sale, and there's even a second chance when the actual sale of tickets starts. I sit in the best place for the show each and every time I go, and frankly I never pay a dime over the $125 that Billy sets as the price for those seats.
    Again, I hope you don't take this as anything but a true fan's opinion of your "plight." You need to own up when you make a mistake...fact is, you should be apologizing today to your three friends who are the real unfortunate victims of your behavior here.
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    I have to disagree with Beaubrummel and back up Karina here. If people are so concerned about being spilled on, or if the venue is willing to eject people for something that can so easily happen from an innocent accident, then the venue should prevent drinks from being brought back to their seats. It is that simple. I can understand a belligerent drunk spilling and getting ejected, but an actual ACCIDENT, seems very harsh. I don't know the details of their events but I just posted about my own complaint for both the DC show AND the same show August 9 at MSG in a different thread. I will re-post it here as well because it is insane!

    The first paragraph pertains to my friends who were at the DC show, because of the rain were crammed with 20000+ other people like sardines. Noticed some people going outside for air or to grab dry clothes from their car. Decided to as well, and then were denied re-entry to the show. Never being told they couldn't come back.

    "My heart goes out to you! I came on here to vent out of frustration and I came across two very similar events that happened to me or my friends. I had friends who went to the DC concert and almost the same thing happened to them. Said there was no word or mention about no re-entry. As much as they pleaded there was no way back in and unwilling to spend the extra money as well.

    Completely defeated and wrecked they left. The next day I mentioned how he was playing August 9th at MSG and that I was able to find very reasonably priced tickets. Well we get 3 tickets, get to the show, and midway through got escorted out. A guy in our row had bought a soda or beer, and as he was making his way back to his seat, lost his balance and spilled about half of it on a guy sitting in-front of us. The guy shot us a sort of smirk saying "oops" and continued to his seat. His seat was about 3-5 seats away from us. My friends and I found it a bit comical so we laughed as well. The man who was spilled on complained and blamed the whole thing on us! Security came and flashed their lights in our isle. Initially we thought we had to get out of our seats so security could get to the person who actually spilled. But nope, they were asking us to follow them so we did. And once out in the hall brought us to an elevator and said we were being kicked out. Because of a giggle we get blamed and removed??? The security people just made up their minds that they knew what had happened and that was that. Nothing we could say could right the situation. Couldn't even get the security to go back and ask random people in the row who actually spilled. Completely insane!! The people working these events need to get fired or have some sort of new policy in place. It is incredibly insane, and once outside the venue we were told "Just go online and file a complaint" As if that does anything!!"

    Love Billy Joel, hate the people working the venues.
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    We were too - been attending his shows all my life, since 1977 - worst ever. People in front of us wouldn't sit down from the start, when we asked them to sit they became aggressive and belligerent for the rest of the night harassing me and my kids (18 and 21). It was supposed to be a fun night together before they go off to college but these people ruined it and the security people were beyond useless, they told us we were annoying them by asking them to sit. Still shaken by how we were treated. Horrendous. I don't think Billy Joel wants his fans to be treated this way. These people ruined the night for us - we were scared of them too and there was nowhere to go.
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    I'm glad to see these warnings.... even though these things that happened weren't your fault, it's a good warning to me to be careful. I'm travelling there from Australia (going to concert on 11th Jan) so I'll only get the one chance!
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