Birthday gift/party bust-

All my son wanted for his birthday was to see you in concert. We missed Philly so drove to DC and stayed overnight. The storms were too bad and I felt after two hours crammed in the hall, it was not safe, so we left. My son now has no gift and no party. $700 later we cannot purchase tx's for NY. Can we please use our DC tickets for another show? #desperatemom #heartbroken12yearoldfan


  • mql18mql18 Posts: 1
    The same thing happened here except I bought two very expensive tickets for my out-of-town friend and her 15 year old son for his birthday. They left for the same unsafe reason (after seeing two people pass out and no one moved for EMTs, the lady next to them tried to start a fight with them, and the lady on the other side had a full-out panic attack!) It was an all around horrible experience for them. Any chance of my helping them get into a NY show as a make-up?!? Please!!!!
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