Rainy But Wonderful Night in DC

Totally loved the concert at Nats Park last night! Thank you, Billy, and all of your musicians and back up singers for such an incredible show. Pun intended, you guys really knocked it out of the park! A couple of constructive recommendations. Firstly, when you book a concert you should arrange and coordinate with the local metro/subway to provide transportion back home if, as it occurred last night, there is an hour and twenty minute delay until the concert begins. That should be a condition of your contract with the stadium/concert organizer and city. Assuredly there were many attendees who either missed their 11:20pm last train to the Gallery Place transfer point or who had to miss perhaps a half hour or more of your concert at the end in order to catch that last train. Saying to your fans about the rain delay and the metro situation that "either way you are f***ked" didn't quite cut it with this attendee. As you probably know, DC is not like NYC as far as the latter having a 24 hour subway. My wife and I were fortunate last night in that we managed to get a car ride home. But I suspect others were not. And the other suggestion I have is that the audience needs to be kept better informed about the status of the concert during such a rain delay. Little was communicated until the end of that long delay. I think it was wise that you cut out the opening act preventing a bad situation from becoming worse. Lastly, we would have loved if you or your back up people came out during the delay to sing a song or two to entertain us. Such an impromptu step would have helped us better endure that long delay.

But, again, what a phenomenal concert. You are a phenomenal talent, very much worth getting soaked for. Really. Best wishes for the remainder of this great tour!
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