Frustrated in DC

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The show was supposed to start at 8. My wife and I arrived at 7, grabbed some food and waited for the show to start. At 7:30 it started pouring and we were directed to leave our seats. That put the 20,000+ people out in the common areas of National’s Park. People were stacked one on top of another, and the rain continued. 8 o’clock comes and goes with no announcement. 8:30 comes and goes with no announcement and the employees and ushers have nothing to offer. 9:00 comes and goes with no announcement, just 20,000+ sweating and stinking people on top of one another. My wife is getting anxious and having a hard time breathing and asks if we can go outside so she can catch her breath. I agree, we get to an exit and the attendant points us the right door to leave through, never saying anything, like you can’t return, or that we needed permission to leave and return. At 9:15 or so, an announcement is made that we can take out seats, so we attempt to re-enter the park. We are denied re-entry and told the only way to get back in is to buy another ticket. Needless to say, we didn’t think spending another $300 was within our budget, so we left. Does that make sense or even seem in the realm of fair?

My wife and I will be attending the upcoming show at Fenway Park. We've obviously learned a lesson here, but geez, at what cost?


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    My heart goes out to you! I came on here to vent out of frustration and I came across two very similar events that happened to me or my friends. I had friends who went to the DC concert and almost the same thing happened to them. Said there was no word or mention about no re-entry. As much as they pleaded there was no way back in and unwilling to spend the extra money as well.

    Completely defeated and wrecked they left. The next day I mentioned how he was playing August 9th at MSG and that I was able to find very reasonably priced tickets. Well we get 3 tickets, get to the show, and midway through got escorted out. A guy in our row had bought a soda or beer, and as he was making his way back to his seat, lost his balance and spilled about half of it on a guy sitting in-front of us. The guy shot us a sort of smirk saying "oops" and continued to his seat. His seat was about 3-5 seats away from us. My friends and I found it a bit comical so we laughed as well. The man who was spilled on complained and blamed the whole thing on us! Security came and flashed their lights in our isle. Initially we thought we had to get out of our seats so security could get to the person who actually spilled. But nope, they were asking us to follow them so we did. And once out in the hall brought us to an elevator and said we were being kicked out. Because of a giggle we get blamed and removed??? The security people just made up their minds that they knew what had happened and that was that. Nothing we could say could right the situation. Couldn't even get the security to go back and ask random people in the row who actually spilled. Completely insane!! The people working these events need to get fired or have some sort of new policy in place. It is incredibly insane, and once outside the venue we were told "Just go online and file a complaint" As if that does anything!!

    Absolutely worst concert experience ever.
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