Timings for Wembley

nj1977nj1977 Posts: 1
My 6 year old is mad about Billy Joel and we'd like to take him to Wembley in September. Does anyone know anything about approximate timings? The tickets say "4.30pm", but I guess that's just door opening. When might he play? How long for? My 4 year old is also a fan, but suspect we may have to leave her behind! Any advice would be hugely appreciated.


  • Darcy_leeDarcy_lee Posts: 4
    The Wembley website says Billy Joel is on stage at 8pm. It doesn't advise what time any support act takes the stage.
  • Darcy_leeDarcy_lee Posts: 4
    Does anyone know if Billy has a support act before the gig. Trying to work out what time to be at the stadium! Gates open at 4.30pm but Billy not on until 8pm. I don't want to be hanging around for 3.5 Hrs
  • Wembley stadium site states there will be NO support act, I was kinda hoping there would be.. i'll maybe hear him do his sound check in the afternoon to get me psyched up instead lol
  • At Frankfurt, he was on stage at before 8:30 (with 8:00 scheduled).
    The concert took 'til 10:50 (at 11:00 all events has to be finished at the Stadium).

    Hope, you will have a better sound. Ours was awfull!
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