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Dear Billy, I am Guido, a 51 year old Italian who's been living in Brussels, Belgium, since 1993. You have been my favourite singer since 1979 and I have all your records in different formats (vynil, tapes and cds). For my 50th Birthday last year my wife bought me a ticket for your concert on 19th November in the Madison Square Garden in NY. it was a fantastic experience and it was so amazing to see you in front of me after all those years! However, you did not play my favourite song, the one which started everything: honesty. A few months ago I saw that you are coming to Frankfurt on 3rd September and I immediately bought the tickets for me, my wife and my 14 year old daughter. I want her to see you live and understand what a real singer is! Could you do me a great present and play honesty for me that day? Thanks a lot in advance. Ciao, Guido
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