Poor peoples love for your talent!

I have loved you since you began!!! Saw you in private venues i Boston, impromptu, and was thrilled!! Now 40 years later, older and hubby is disabled, but still have the love for you as intense as ever!! My hub is not for long and I am dwindling myself, but the love for you is still there as if we were in our 2o's! We live in Maine, close to NH and Boston! If you ever see your way to have special lieftime experience with you, we would promote you to our whole area! Neither of us are getting any younger, and this is a bucket list for us. my hub is handicapped, but his ears are in tact for sure!" Scenes from an italian resturant" Is my life as no other has ever sung it! He has not many concerts left in him, so I would very mush love it if you could see your way clear to somehow help us fullfill our dream!Will always love your music as long as you offer it anyway!!! Oh the memories you could bring to your old time followers! xoxo


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