Suggested new lyrics for Goodnight Saigon

Goodnight Retold

We went on Retold
Mike Stutz’s island
They should be put in
Secured asylums
But we were smart
We both have lives
That site has more psychos than Billy had wives.

They acted spastic
They’re big as horses
They’re unattractive
Eat many courses
They do not fast
They are not light
Their butts are heavy and their bellies a sight

They all looked homeless
They do not use soap
They posted pictures
They all must smoke dope
They’re Billy’s sheep
They’re impolite
And pray to DelGuidice with all of their might

Brett took our money
To buy us T shirts
He sits in floor seats
At all the concerts
He stalks Bill too
In Oyster Bay
He went from Stony Brook College
To Century Cycles
He’s hoping that Billy is gay.

And they would all be schmucks together
Retolders all are schmucks together
They act like schmucks when they’re together
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