Tonight in Seattle

Billy, seeing you tonight will be a great victory for me; hours before your show I will he hopping off the table at Swedish Hospital from my last cyber knife treatment to zap brain lesions from breast cancer metastases. You probably won't sing this in your show tonight, but my favorite song of yours is "You're My Home" as it reminds me of the love between my husband Kirk and I. Especially the line "when you touch my weary head, and you tell me everything's gonna be alright; you say use my body as your bed, and my love will keep you warm throughout the night," If you sing it, look for me, the one on the floor seats with the ugly cry face and the big grin. Aimee


  • Hey Billy. Celebrating my 50th in the Pressbox Suite @ Safeco with 20 Friends Tonight. Can you play Miami 2017 for a transplant from Brooklyn and Northport
  • emarks38emarks38 Posts: 1
    I can't beat that awesome request above by Aimee. You should play You're My Home for her...but If you could follow it up with either Captain Jack and/or And So It Goes that would be awesome :) Aimee, heal well and stay strong. Eddie.
  • NisiMaysNisiMays Posts: 1
    Me absolutely loves Billy Joel -- Perfect concert, perfect piano, perfect vocals & perfect Billy Joel! Thank you so much! Also love Gavin DeGraw
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