I Feel Defrauded with My Obstructed View!

PeteSPeteS Posts: 1
I purchased 6 tickets in section for the San Diego Petco Park show, section FB113, and paid a total of $982. As it turned out, you chose this aisle for field access for people sitting in the Floor sections. THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE CONCERT, hundreds (or thousands?) of people were marching up an down that aisle, completely obstructing the view of the stage from our seats. (I have videos that I am happy to share.) There was not a single minute during the entire show when the sight line to the stage was not blocked and completely obstructed from these seats! Because of this access lane to the floor, these seats were totally obstructed and you should have disclosed that during the ticketing process, in which case, I would have bought other tickets. I visited Guest Services during the show and was told there was nothing they could do. Really sucked!


  • Jeffro421Jeffro421 Posts: 1
    The same thing happened last night in Seattle to me at Safeco Field. I sat in 114 - 3 seats in from the aisle - and it was a continuous stream of people going up and down for whatever reason. Totally ruined the concert for me, even worse than having Gavin Degraw sing Big Shot with Billy!
  • kbreenkbreen Posts: 11
    Does that also happen at MSG?
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