Fenway Park Aug. 18, 2016 - A hopeful request for an amazing woman.

Mr. Joel,
My wife and I will be sitting in Fenway Park August 18th celebrating our 15th
wedding anniversary, finally enjoying our first Billy Joel concert.

I’m taking a long shot reaching out with this request, but considering the
amazing woman my wife is I have to at least try. As you perfectly sang,
She’s Got A Way…and I knew the day I met her that I couldn’t’ live without
her. No matter what we are dealt with she truly has that way of uplifting me.

I was hoping you could wish her a happy anniversary during the concert.
It would honestly make her feel so amazing, and that healing smile she
has won’t stop for weeks! After 15 years of being my rock, this would
be the best surprise/gesture I could hope for.

The luckiest man alive.


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