April 5, 2016 US Bank Arena Cincinnati, OH

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My daughter is attending this show with her friend. They attend college nearby at NKU (Northern Kentucky University). My daughter absolutely LOVES the song Ballad of Billy the Kid. Would it somehow be possible to include this song in the setlist? Would be much appreciated!!!


  • the Cyclones (Cincinnati's hockey team) , U.S. Bank Arena is their home. Several years ago they retired #14 in honor of Pete Rose. The jersey still hangs from the rafters. When my daughter was very young, she asked me who my favorite baseball player was. i told her Pete and i explained his situation. the good, the bad and the ugly! she was nine at that time. She wrote a song about Pete at that time.The lyrics is to the tune of " take me out to the ball game". Lauren (my daughter) was invited to sing her song, to Pete, in this very Arena, during the retirement ceremony.
    Lauren's birthday is April 14,she will be 24, that is also Mr. Rose's birthday (he will be a little older). Since Pete is mentioned during "zanzibar" and the lovely and talented Mr. Joel will be in cincinnati, with his piano
    {the day after opening day) and Lauren Helton will be in the same arena,with her voice i thought Billy could invite Lauren down to sing her Pete Rose Song. i'm quite sure Mr. Joel can play take me out to the ball game.

    This year MLB has granted the Reds permission to induct Pete into the Reds hall of fame.

    Billy Joel and Lauren Helton are forever in my personal Hall of Fame. Lauren for being one of my three beautiful daughters and Billy because i lost my virginity to Billy Joel. No, not to the man! To the album 52nd Street (yes there was a girl involved),it wasnt Captain Jack.

    Ps. I am 51 , i spent my 51st birthday june 17th,2015 at Bonaroo, just to see Billy. he was awesome like always. Thank you, Mr. Joel for all of your incredible music.
  • oops it was june 13th at Bonaroo. It was an early birthday gift
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    Amazing show in Cincinnati! However, purchased an official t-shirt that listed all concert locations, unfortunately Cincinnati was spelled incorrectly!
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    Loved the concert--my 13th Billy Joel event! (BTW, Cincinnati is also misspelled at the top of this Forum listing. ???)
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    Great concert!!! My niece and I had a wonderful time!!! Thanks Billy Joel and Band :smiley:
  • What a great show, especially from the center of row 6, well worth the two and a half hour drive, can't wait for the next opportunity to see Billy!
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