Billy's Channel!

Someone at Sirius XM needs to come to Jesus with the Billy Joel Channel! They already did a GREAT job at creating the channel Go sirius xm! I was one of the earliest adopters. I LOVE Joel's short snippets before the songs. Pearl Jam. Elvis, Bruce and Buffet already have their own dedicated channels. Most of them give me a headache - no offense - I'm sure their music is great. I LOVE how Joel plays songs by other artists he has been influenced by. I was always a fan of Billy Joel but actively disliked some of his songs and would switch to another channel when I heard them. Now that I KNOW THE REASON behind the songs, I enjoy listening to even the songs I didn't like so much before. At one point, Joel plays "The WReck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" because he admired Gordon Lightfoot. He's done the same with Ray Charles and other peeps. Obviously, Joel has more important things to do than being a deejay at Sirius XM, but SOMEONE could take his comments and influences and turn it into a really cool channel! If it doesn't happen, I just want to say THANKS to Sirius XM radio for this temporary radio station!!!


  • BobKBobK Posts: 3
    I agree, Sirius really got this right. They seem to have come a long way in understanding what the country wants to listen to, in music, talk, and its wide variety of stations.

    The explanations and back stories about each song is amazing. I feel like Billy is talking to me when I listen; I get the same feeling at concerts as well, as he typically does engage in benter early on.

    Something else is evident to me....Billy , and for that matter, his band, are dedicated professionals. I am one of those people that has no musical talent, expcet for listening and appreciating. To hear the technical explanations from him about how the song is arranged and other "tech talk" tells me that this man is dedicated.....a master at his craft, and for that, there is alesson for all of us.
  • zmdudemanzmdudeman Posts: 2
    They do have permanent channels for many other artists. Why not just keep the Billy Joel channel? Its really the only reason I subscribed :/
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