2016 Billy Joel World Tour

I wonder if there is anyone out there who is so much a Billy Joel fan that they call themselves a JoelJunkie and follow him around from city to city in their Audis or Nissan Maximas and stay in Marriotts, the same way the DeadHeads did in their VW Busses.


  • BobKBobK Posts: 3
    I've gone to 11 concerts; all over the US and in Germany, since 1987. Since these events are typically held at sporting venues, it's good to know that you are going to see a winning performance, which can't be assured when your team plays another, if you like sports.

    There is a vibe seeing so many headed to the arena....I don't know about you, but seeing the touring rig trucks and thinking about the set up, stage, equipment, lighting, jumbo screens, etc, is exciting.

    Hearing the Natural to open the show is exciting too, and each concert becomes a lifetime memory of its own.

    I just hope there is no rain during any of the upcoming ballpark concerts in 2016....
  • KimLKimL Posts: 1
    Is Billy Joel coming to Phoenix in 2016? It only seems logical he would. I really want to see him!
  • mickparnomickparno Posts: 1
    When are you coming to Australia Billy?
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