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mjomjo Posts: 2
We have been working with a new drummer we found at a live show,crowd was craze for this guy.Very good with all music reminds me of the late Buddy Rich.Has a video on Y tube he did a over a year ago you can get to it the link ( mike oshea drum solo) he smokes the speed on the video now! Contact me at South Shore Recording with any questions or interest thanks Bobby 860-664-3767


  • Deb PremoDeb Premo Posts: 1
    Saw this guy do a solo after a concert in my area. Fantastic! Never heard a drummer so fast. Got a chance to talk with him and I really think he has a great future in drumming. Make sure you watch the video and give the number a call. He is very flexible and I feel you won't be disappointed. I'm not the only one that thought he has a special talent!
  • Saw him do a great solo and he is a great drummer, really fast. He definitely has talent and a future in drumming!
  • jrod7174jrod7174 Posts: 1
    Seen this guy kill it on the solo,By far the best drummer of ever seen in a while can't wait to see him again ..
  • Saw this guy and he's an awesome drummer. Hope to see him again soon! Good luck to you!
  • SteeleSteele Posts: 1
    This fellow is really good. Versatile with all styles and all music. Brings new level of excitement to the show. Solos are awesome.
  • Checked out video he has mad skills wating for a live date to check him out
  • I'm a lover of music. All types. As a musician myself (banjo, bluegrass player) I can appreciate a player. On any instrument. The drums have always been a favorite of mine.

    Either as a soloist or the all important player in a band who has the pressure of keeping a steady tempo and rhythm to carry the entire song, set after set. That's pressure.

    I've seen Mike play. Both in person and on YouTube. To say the least, form and rhythm sick. Confidence and ability with superb coordination. All parts. Hands, feet, arms, legs... Beauty in motion. It's a two fer watching this gentleman play. One, the music itself, two, himself the player is truly one with everything he plays.

    I would enjoy seeing more of this drummer in the future.
  • Escort99Escort99 Posts: 1
    Great drummer. I am shocked that no one has picked him up yet. He has paid his dues and it is long overdue.
  • Awesome drummer! I saw this guy and he can really play. I can't wait to see him again.
  • isabella13isabella13 Posts: 1
    Wow, great drummer!! He sure has a bright career ahead of him.
  • This guy is good!! Awesome!!
  • Wow,great drummer , I had the pleasure seeing this guy playing on live drum!!!! Awesome
  • He is a very amazing drummer it is so nice to watch him drum! Spectacular!
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