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MaevenyMaeveny Posts: 1
Hi I am trying to surprise my brother with tickets and possibly a meet and greet with Billy at one of his upcoming shows at MSG in NY. My brother has stage 4 lung cancer and it has spread to his spine, liver and brain. I wanted to surprise him for his birthday... Anyone know someone in his press group who can help me out? Thanks a million!!!!


  • lochravenlochraven Posts: 3
    Good luck to you on your quest! God bless you and your brother.
  • VietvetVietvet Posts: 1
    Sir, we are glad Billy is coming to Pittsburgh, PA this July. I am the Veteran Service Officer for a group of "boots on ground" non-profit here in Pittsburgh. I am hoping that Billy will play "Goodnight Saigon" that night and would like to see if he would want our honor guard and membership to sing the chorus with him. We would consider it a great honor to do this as Southwestern Pa. especially the Pittsburgh had the largest amount of vets serving in Nam. If this is considered please contact me and let me know. It truly would be a wonderful thing to do. Regards, George Coppola, Veteran Service Officer, Vietnam Veterans Incorporated, Pittsburgh Pa. 412-287-2678.
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    As I see probably receive numerous well-deserved, heartfelt requests. I would like to also make a request as a loving mom of an upcoming bride.
    My daughter is getting married on June 25th at the Terrace on the Park in Flushing, Queens. As music lovers and New Yorkers, my family has always integrated your music into all happy events in our lives. Since Michele was a toddler, her Dad has danced to Goodnight My Angel/Lullaby with her. She was born with cerebral palsy and she didn't walk well until after that. This is no longer a concern for her. She (and we) are extremely lucky. She is a beautiful, successful special education teacher in a Bronx high school. Michele recently told me that her father/daughter dance music will be this song.
    I thought I would request from you, the possibility of a visit to the wedding for this special moment. I know I am requesting a lot, the messages above seem more deserving then us. I know you are in town because of the MSG concert schedule. (My husband and I finally scored tickets for the July show!) Thank you for your consideration.

    Blessings and many thanks to the above 2 requests.--AliceB
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