My Bucket List and Mr. Joel is on it!

Hi All Joel Fans and I hope Mr. Joel as well,

I am a 51 year old, intelligent, caring, and nice looking women, who like all of you want the chance to meet Mr. Joel. I have never taken time to write on one of these sites because I don't really believe the artist ever reads this stuff. I do hope I am wrong because one of the things on my bucket is to meet Mr. Joel in person. I have seen Billy more times than I can says and he is just so talented that I just want to shake his hand and thank him for all of his beautiful music. I have followed him for 30 years and I still want to meet this outstanding artist. I was very disappointed when he came to FL for New Year's because I was unable to afford the tickets. BAD YEAR! l Do you think Mr. Joel really reads these posts? Do think there is even a possibility that I might get a response of any kind? Has he ever responded to any of you?


  • lochravenlochraven Posts: 3
    In just a few days I see why I would ever stand a chance of meeting or even getting a personal autograph from Mr. Joel. Just reading the posts the last few days tells me that this poor man is inundated with requests for free everything (myself included) on a daily basis. I had never posted on a site before and I glad I did not. Like many of you I would love nothing more than to have the smallest gift of conversation with Mr. Joel but I see why that probably never happens. Just because he is a star with an un unbelievable gift does not mean he owes us anything. Marshall Mathers send it like it is. His music is his gift/work to us, anything extra is a bonus.
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