Billy to play Wembley Stadium (UK) on September 10th 2016

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BBC2 Radio Two presenter Chris Evans just announced a single UK date for 2016. Tickets on sale from Friday 11th Dec. Very excited. My wife an I have been trying to see Billy for many years an he is at the top of our '40's Bucket List' lol. Let's hope the ticket touts don't scope these up before the real fans.

Good Luck All


  • jessh_35jessh_35 Posts: 1
    Will there be a pre sale?
  • Why only 1 date although great it is Wembley Stadium we were one of the 70,000 who missed him 20 years ago when he was due to do a show with Elton John
  • How do i get to purchase resale tickets
  • nambolanambola Posts: 3
    Looks like O2 priorities have a presale tomorrow morning at 9am
  • Mcc1Mcc1 Posts: 1
    Just got tickets for me and my wife who shares exact same birthday as Billy
    Can't wait!
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    I have seen Billy every UK tour since Wembly arena in '85. Hammersmith in 2013 best so far and this promises to be better still. Venue of legendary concerts.
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    So excited he is coming back to the UK. I've yet to see him live, I saw Elio Pace last year (my cousin plays Sax) and gutted to find his date in London is when I'm getting married, the soon to be Mrs. Lavender wouldn't be happy if I dashed from near Henley to Wembley! I'll have to give it a miss :(

    (Fyi, I listen to 88 tracks across all his albums (including live, studio and radio recordings) on repeat since my 2hr train commute in November :)
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    Will Billy J be doing any concerts in UK outside of London getting to Scotland would be good
  • Can't wait - tickets and accommodation booked since December. I saw a Billy Joel concert on the BBC from Wembley back in 1984ish - it's been a ling wait!
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    Hi Billy, do hope you get to read this forum. I've been having a rough time this year as my husband died suddenly but my lovely son wanted me to have something to look forward to so bought me a ticket for your Wembley concert. I'm looking forward so much to seeing you play live for the first time, having seen you so often over so many years on TV. Have got a programme from one of your "at the Garden" concerts and how I wish I could get it signed by you! Only been to Wembley for a gig once before and that was to see the late, great David Bowie so with 2 concerts, Bowie & Joel, it's obviously only the very best...
    Have a great time in the UK, it will be great to welcome you here!
    Lee MW
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    Mr. Joel hope you have a fantastic concert on the 10th of September!! My nearly husband and I saw you at Wembley Areana back I'n June 1984 we then married on the 14th of July!!! So as it is 32 years since we saw you thought it was about time we saw
  • vcombevcombe Posts: 2
    You again!!! so looking forward to it. Hope it's a good one!!!
  • StiggStigg Posts: 2
    I've got 1 ticket available if anyone is interested?
  • StiggStigg Posts: 2
    Still got one ticket available. E Mail me if you are interested. [email protected]
  • We are all so looking forward to the gig @ Wembley. We have seen you several times and were due to see you with Elton (can't believe that was 20 years ago) My Daughter who has been brought up on your music will be seeing you for the 1st time.
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    Hi folks. I've got two spare tickets for this (a couple of dropouts). I'd rather they went to fans at face value rather than stubhub or similar taking a cut. Block 519, row 16. £80 for the pair. Message me if interested. Looking forward to the gig myself!
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    I cant wait, only a couple of weeks away now. For some reason or another, i have always missed Billy when he is in the UK. So as a massive Fan since i saw his Wembley Arena gig I can't wait for this...It feels like a lifetimes dreams coming true.
    If Billy gets to read this, My wife is coming with me to the Gig, and it would make her night extra special if you could wish her a Happy Birthday.
  • Hi Billy,
    It's really great that you're playing Wembley! It's too bad that my students from Germany will be unable to visit the stadium like we'd planned a year ago because you don't want to have visiting groups there since you're sound checking in the afternoon. The kids were really looking forward to this. We don't know if it was you or the stadium that cancelled. It's not everyday we or the kids get to come to the UK but now we have a wasted day because of this. The people from the stadium said it was you that requested this. Is it really that much of an inconvenience?
    Here's my email, maybe you or someone can contact me, I would really appreciate it.

    [email protected]
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    Does anyone know if Billy has a support act before the gig. Trying to work out what time to be at the stadium! Gates open at 4.30pm but Billy not on until 8pm. I don't want to be hanging around for 3.5 Hrs
  • This show was outstanding.
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