Superbowl 23 Flyby

Hey, just a note ... I am the wife with the pilot who flew the flyby over Superbowl 23... I happen to be from Long Island,,,,he happens to be a pilot... you happen to be one of our favorite musicians! We now live in Virginia.

-- Sarah and Col (Ret) Bob O'Dell
Hope to hear from you! ([email protected]) ... cuz Bob is sitting beside me and doesn't believe I'm really doing this!


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    ah, ok, getting through the sign-ons, got it! so, from one LIE person to another, actually... I never drove the LIE til this past July... I never had a license when I was there... just dated those who did! But... I was there for a sad reason, but it was important to be there for my friend, even after all the years. and, oddly, your music was a large part of our growing up as the "poor kids" in the Hamptons! My friend who lost her 26 yr old daughter this past summer (from cystic fibrosis) is so rich in kindness and patience... I thought I would learn from her from when I lived with her fam as a kid, but words cannot define, she is a saint!
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    the link:
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