Upgraded Seating at Denver's Show Last Night (9/16/15)!!!

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My daughter and I attended the show at the Pepsi Center last night. We had tickets in the upper section of the Pepsi Center about ten rows from the ceiling but planned to have a great time regardless. We got off the 1st escalator heading for the second one to our ticketed seats when we were approached by a young man, dressed in black and wearing a radio. He said he selected us as two fans who would be upgraded in seating. Wondering what the catch was, I waited for a sales pitch - there was none. He explained he was one of the crew with Billy Joel and explained that Billy holds the first two rows of tickets for selected fans to receive priority seating. The tickets he handed us were for the first row, and when we got to the floor, we were even more stunned that they were first row center stage!

I couldn't believe it and explained I've been coming to see Billy in Denver since 1983 (when I slept on a sidewalk outside Gart Bros. at a shopping mall in Aurora to buy tickets to the Nylon Curtain tour at McNichols arena in Denver). I grew up in northern New Jersey, and getting tickets to see him in the NY metro area in the late 70s was next to impossible unless you had big bucks. But I've never missed a show when he's come to Denver.

I have attended many concerts in my 57 years and have NEVER had seats like this! In addition to the huge hug I gave "Joe" the roadie, I want to send a personal thank you to Billy and the band for making an unforgettable concert experience for this long-time fan and her now-adult daughter! You'll never know how incredibly special this was for us. It made my year with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I will be a forever grateful fan!!!


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