Lullabye - danced with my father

Best BJ memories: Over 14 years ago, I danced to Lullabye at my wedding with my dad. We danced BEFORE I walked down the aisle - outside, with everyone watching. It was magical. He's ill now and it's one of my fave memories. That and the fact that an old boyfriend (and fellow KEEN BJ fan) is super musically talented and used to always play "The Rootbeer Rag" Our song was always "You're My Home." I just found this site and had to share...


  • granny67granny67 Posts: 2
    Lullaby is one of my most favorite Billy Joel songs....that is the song I used to sing to my granddaughter when she was first born.....everytime I hear it it reminds me of her.....she's a Billy Joel fan too!
  • Lullaby got me through the miscarriage of my oldest daughter 16 years ago, and has deepened the love and appreciation for the two sons and daughter who I'm blessed to have with me. It (and the rest of River Of Dreams) also brings back a lot of memories for me and my old friends from school. That album was wildly popular when I was in high school (I graduated in 1994), and we were all huge fans of BJ...I wore out at least two tapes and two CDs of it, and had everything else of his too. I still do, but it's mostly in digital format now.
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