Time for a UK tour?

I have been to two concerts... River of Dreams at Earls Court in 1994 and at the fabulous MEN in 2006 - been to a lot of gigs, and really the best entertainer on stage I have seen. When are we going to get another UK tour? My wife who I didn't realise was a Billy Joel fan until about 3 or 4 years in, is really keen to see live for the first time. Also - and if you are listening Peter Kay, we missed you getting on stage at MEN but saw you singing away in the audience - Peter, please start a national campaign to bring Billy back to the UK! Also can I get some get some advance tickets close to the side of the stage (well it worked getting a signed photo in the late 80s when I wrote in!) Failing that we may have to drag grandma to New York to baby sit.


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