growing up on LI with Billy Joel

I lived in Farmingdale. I mowed the lawn on the village green when I worked for the TOB. My friends were in the Bonnie Parker band. I used to go to the Massapequa Diner after playing gigs. An Italian guy that I worked with at the TOB garage that lived down the block from BJ said his sister was the Virginia he sang about. I could swear he was playing at bars in Huntington for something to do. Also we used to hang at the hotel on the north shore they tore down. Anyway just wanted to thank him for the same peace I found through John Lennon as a kid. Then him as an adult. Thanks again.


  • SritzFitzSritzFitz Posts: 34
    The Virginia referred to is Virginia Clemens. I believe she went to Trinity. Billy's sister is Judith, as in "Why Judy Why?" off of CSH.
  • Mariuch52Mariuch52 Posts: 1
    I didn't grow up in LI, NY but, My Aunt Grace & Uncle George lived in Farmingdale, LI, My oldest brother was sent to live there for a Summer to work in their Electronics stores, since he was an electronics genius, & well needed to go for a while. Anyway, I was 9 or 10, he was a Teenager 16 or 17. They had a store in Farmingdale & one in Bethpage, my family took rides out there every weekend to see them & Mom & Dad wanted to check up on My Brother too. Billy Joel was not even a household name back then, My Brother told me, he use to come into the Bethpage store to use the sound booth they had, He would buy Guitar strings for his Guitar & go to the sound booth. The next time I heard his name was when I was 15 or 16yrs old. Billy Joel played at Marywood University in Greenridge, Scranton, Pa. My Parents wouldn't let me go. Next thing I know, Billy Joel is super famous!! He's a NY icon, love his music.
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