yes, I am beating a dead horse with a stick

 Look, I have been a fan of Billy Joel from the get go. He is just a few years older than I am and was easy to connect to as his music personified my own emotional cry for unique independence from the norm. Joel had the gift of emulating various styles of music and making them his own. I was struggling to showcase myself as a comic. Well, I failed, because I'm bipolar and at the time I had not yet been diagnosed and did not have the stamina to harness or focus my efforts to one thing. The downside of the lack of focus for the bipolar is getting bored with your moment of greatness and coming up with another one, then it's a life of drifting from one moment to the next.
 I have control of things now, but I no longer have the desire to seek a specific domain, I have selected being an autodidact. Yet, this is not about me, but my appreciation for those who are extremely talented and gifted. Billy Joel is one of them. What ever his reasons are for his madcap need to keep touring like a demon is beyond me. Yes, he is a brilliant performer, and touring is one of the greatest marketing strategies because it is an unselfish endeavour of an artist when you think of the thousands of people who are employed along the way. That's right, it's not just about being there for the fans, touring is an economical structure and one of the best cash flow operations of all industries, with all sorts of spin off activity and merchandising.
 Yet, touring is exhausting, and straining. There are many among us who still appreciate having the artist back in the studio writing, composing, playing, and singing new material with a host of top studio or guest musicians, the best producers, the best engineers, and the novel effects of studio nuance.
 Billy Joel, please, come back to the studio. No one is going to like you less. There are plenty of great people to work with, for example, Elvis Costello. A man who has matured way beyond pub punk rock new wave days. The man has become magically connected to all genres of music and one of the best go to guys to find who's out there that still hold true to the roots of independence and not kowtowing to annoying agents, pushy record executives, and brash record labels waving contracts and pin to prick your finger so that you should sign it in blood. Those days are gone, if those happen to be your reservation for not returning to the studio.
 Hell. Build your own, choose who you want, produce it yourself, create your own label and sell it to iTunes. That's how it works for most of the indies these days. Yet, I'd rather not. I still like the option of getting various qualities of disc pressings in various formats from computer DVD, CD, to different vinyl pressings and weights. Yes, some of us still pay top dollar for top quality.
 Congrats on your recent nuptials Billy, but with a wife and family, puttering around your home studio in your bare feet has a nice powerful appeal to it while your wife leans over your shoulder smiling while you tinker with a tune on the ivories. Oh, I would anticipate that album.
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