boonaroo 2015 Billy's Health

Some folks that saw the show-said that Billy appears to be overweight and out of breath from smoking. I did not see the show, But i am just worried about Billy. Has anyone heard anything about him quitting or his health, Thanks


  • shell1960shell1960 Posts: 2
    I am really worried
  • res394cueres394cue Posts: 2
    I'd have to say that sounds completely ludicrous.  Do you know how hot and humid it was at Bonaroo when he performed?  Not to mention the fact he's wearing a suit and tie performing for 2 straight hours at 66 years old.  He doesn't appear to be overweight lately and I'm sure the humidity played a huge factor in having to catch a breath here and there.  
  • lorenzolorenzo Posts: 1
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    Billy please, return to Italy..!!!!! In 2006 I came to see you in Rome, I realized my dream seeing you live. Please return to Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
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