My best friend loves Billy Joel, she now has stage 3 brain cancer

When she was diagnosed I asked her what she would like to do in the next year. One of the items on her wish list was to see another Billy Joel concert. She has already seen him twice but that is not enough for her. She isn't well enough to travel to the east coast so I thought all hopes were lost until I found the Sept. 5th concert at AT&T park in San Francisco. We immediately bought tickets and she is so excited about attending. My wish for her would be that she got to meet her music idol Billy Joel before she passes away. My request to you is help in making this happen when Billy is in San Francisco for his concert at AT&T park. Whether it be a backstage pass or some other option we are open to all. I just want her to have the best experience possible in the time she has left.

Thanks for your consideration.

Carol Sherbin
[email protected]
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