Was Billy Joel ever in Portugal

I was searching the web to check if Billy Joel ever visited Portugal for a concert, but I could not find any info. Do you think it would be possible a Billy Joel concert in Portugal? I know that Billy Joel isn't as famous here as he is in other countries, and that songs like "Honesty", "Uptown Girl" tend to be the ones that pass more in the radio, instead of "Piano Man" or "New York State Of Mind", for example... But I guess, pilling up the new and the old generations, we could get enought attedance for a concert. Or if the market study shows it not to be true, I'm sure and Elton-Billy concert would certainly do.I'm sorry I put it this way, but sometimes I found it ironic that is probable I'll never have the oportunity of watching Billy Joel and Elton John, my two main reference piano artists, perform live.
Greetings for Billy Joel, one of the true few Piano Mans  


  • Dear Valter, you are not the only fan here in Portugal. I know a bunch of people (including my daughters) who would love to see Billy here. I'm still waiting...I'm good but I have almost 50 ("only the good die young"!) ;-)
    Maybe if we ask kindly (and consistently), he may be able to stop by
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