What about Europe tour ??? It's about time.....

Tal yavinTal yavin Posts: 1
Europe tour?


  • Dear Billy ,all the Good in the world for your Birthday...but for me... When do you arrive in Italy dear? Italian kisses Nella
  • Riki-TikiRiki-Tiki Posts: 1
    Hi Mr. Joel. We would kindly invite you playing here in Biel. The city is beautifully located on a lake in the western part of Switzerland. For an intimate concert the best scenery.

    So or so. For me you are the best contemporary singer and I enjoy very much your soul-touching music. :-) Riki
  • meters01meters01 Posts: 1
    Billy you have thousands of fans in the UK who would love to see you and your band again. Please tour here soon, The last play at Shea is my favourite DVD and I have almost worn it out! I would love to have a UK one. 
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    Dear Billy,

    I am waiting for years for a europe tour.

    My last boyfriend and me spent two years with each other. He is very good and passionate "piano man" as well and you are one of his musician idols and I always wanted to make a big suprise to him with a concert.... today, we are seperated, but your Music stayed....:)

    coming to new york is unfortunatelly way too expensive... so I would be the happiest women to see you coming to Cologne or somewhere else in Europe.... Looking forward
  • jackcrojackcro Posts: 1
    It is defiantly time for another UK tour the last one was in November 2013 and due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn't attend and missed the gig. I have been playing your music for many years now and would love to see you perform live on stage!
  • When in Italy dear...
    I'm looking from you as soon as possible..
    But when?
    Italian Kisses!
  • JigelJigel Posts: 1
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    Yes, please please please come to Europe!!!!!!!
    Our Family would be there covering three generations, if there will be a concert.
  • Get to Wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark! You NEVER got here On The FaceToFace Tour, Elton John did it solo, please come now, it is just round The corner from Germany...
  • Inie80Inie80 Posts: 1
    Please come to the Netherlands!!!! Or Germany, Köln :-)
  • Alistep3Alistep3 Posts: 1
    Russia is waiting for you coming back, Billy!!! We are changed, and won't sitting with calm faces on your consent and fear to move like it was in soviet Russia...) we miss you, love you we are waiting for you, at St Petersburg, Moscow, Tbilisi... Please, thousands of your fans are believe that you will come, at least to Europe!
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