What ever happened to Prelude/Angry Young Man

As a pianist, all I wanted to do someday is see Billy Joel. I finally got tickets to see him at MSG, but there's a problem. I've always wanted to see him play Prelude live but all of the set list show he doesn't play it anymore. When is the last time he played it in concert and what are the chances ill hear him play it?


  • ZalisZalis Posts: 1
    I haven't seen him pay it in years.  Gotta ask him.
  • bluedanbluedan Posts: 1
    I saw him play it at his Last Play at Shea concert and before that the 12 Nights concert series at MSG. Check out the "Live at Shea, 2008" album, 1st disc, 1 song. It's combined (as usual now, I believe) with Angry Young Man. wikipedia has info on it too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prelude/Angry_Young_Man
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