Hello Billy JoelMy name is Robert Olsen and I grew up in Levittown, I worked with a man who went out with your mother he proclaimed in the program parents without partners. This back in the 70's and I showed him a album of yours which was piano man or one of the earlier albums like Streetlife Serenade or Turnstiles, in any event I worked hard through attending the BOCES program for Auto shop and made a good direction for myself. Times were tough, my father was a jerk to put it mildly and always enjoyed your music to uplift me. I am 52 now and in Houston still hang on to your music as it led me to lead a great life and always look forward not behind. I have 3 Brothers whom we grew up at Wantagh Park with our boats and spent may weeks at different Islands camping out on the south shore which I will always appreciate. We use to swim between the Islands and I had a cut off tugged fin but back then we pulled the boat up, fired up the Hibachi setup the tent and camped all week. It was the best of times. During the time home we would go to the village Green Pool and after that the bowling Alley.Thanks for letting me remind myself of the great times I had back homeRegardsRobert Olsen       


  • You know what is funny is that I remember having so great times back in Levittown, Sammy's Pizzeria, Domenico's (the best Italian restaurant for me and still there may I ad) , Willy May's (Schwinn) Bicycle Shop, Carvels Ice Cream Parlor, it was a great time in life. I was the not a Catholic or Jew but a Lutheran quite the minority. Who remembers Time Square Store (TSS) which was the Wal-Mart of the time. Billy I live in Katy Texas now and hope you enjoy your life.RegardsRobert Olsen 
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