MSG Behind/Side of Stage - Section 114

Hi everyone,<div>
</div><div>New user and planning a trip to see Billy at MSG. We are hoping that someone be kind enough to help us out. We got tickets in Section 114 behind the stage/side of stage. Has anyone sat in that section before or has known someone who has sat there. Just looking for some feedback on if the view is obstructed or not? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.</div>


  • SritzFitzSritzFitz Posts: 34
    Don't know the exact section firsthand, but most seats behind the stage are some of the best in the house.
  • The higher up the row is in the 100s behind the stage the better the view. You may have an obstruction if it's listed as side/rear due to equipment. If its on the corner then you may have an issue, but I doubt any seat is really obstructed. enjoy the show!
  • pilam76pilam76 Posts: 15
    I have done the behind the stage seats multiple times for Billy Joel, Bon Jovi & Garth Brooks. They are excellent seats!!!
    1. Usually for Billy Joel behind the stage seats the tickets are cheaper than premium seats on the floor or on the sides in the lower bowl via ticketmaster. Example is the two upcoming shows I am going to on NYE and in orlando. Via TM, I got the behind the stage seats for $100 vs the premium seats which are $150. I have behind the stage 3rd row for Billy's NYE show in sunrise, fl,, 1st row for his Jan 27th Orlando show and 1st row for Bon Jovi in Sunrise FL in 2017, all at a lower price point via ticketmaster since they are rear view seats.
    2. The sound is great and since most people are scared off.
    3. the behind the stage seats are at an angle so you can see over the people in front of you. Unless you are in the first ten rows on the floor, floor seats blow because you cannot see over the people in front of you since the floor is not elevated.
    5. Trust me, they are great seats, sounds great and it is usually easy to land good seats in the lower bowl since most people are scared off. I was at first but now as you can see I purchase them a lot.
    6. Yes you face the band member's backs but Billy's piano swivels during the show and do you really care about not being able to see the drummer's face who 99% of people cannot name?
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