gleezle1gleezle1 Posts: 1
Any chance of anything in the UK in 2015,is he never coming back, maybe there's some underlying issues we don't know of that are stopping him coming to these shores. Would love a Royal Albert Hall show or somewhere in London. .


  • rootbeerrootbeer Posts: 40
    Billy was here 15 months ago so  I think we will be lucky to get him again any time soon. We Brits do however buy many more of his recordings than any other country outside America so when he does venture out I would hope we are included again. He seems to have found his second wind. 
  • I was so disappointed when I found out Billy had been to the UK and I'd missed the shows, but we can live in hope.  In the meantime check out Elio Pace's Billy Joel Songbook tour.  Google it,  believe the reviews, and book your tickets.  Believe me you won't be disappointed. 
  • crowey62crowey62 Posts: 2
    Is there a UK fan club?
  • Don't know about a UK fan club - for BJ or EP - but can't believe I'll be finally seeing Billy live at Wembley in September!! Can't wait...just hope he's as good as Elio Pace (and no, I'm not joking - Elio is brilliant)
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