Would love to Propose to GF at Miami Show!!

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afternoon, I am extremely excited to be attending your performance this
upcoming Saturday night (01/31) at the Miami Airlines Arena.  I will be attending the show with my
girlfriend, Berjheny, whom together we are huge fans of yours.  We often spend the first hour or two every
Saturday morning laughing and listening to your music, the opportunity to see
you is something we have looked forward to a very long time. I love my
girlfriend very dearly and want to spend the rest of my life with her.  I’ve been thinking recently of the how I
would like to propose to her and the idea of getting engaged at your show hit
me today like a train.  I realize this is
very short notice but wanted to see if there was any way you could possibly accommodate
this request in some way.  It would mean
a tremendous amount to us and something we would been eternally grateful for
and take with us for the rest of your lives.  My cell phone is 321-217-6247 if there is
anything that your open to doing for us. 
Thank you!!


  • SritzFitzSritzFitz Posts: 34
    edited 01/29/15
    Good luck...
    Two issues...You aren't really asking for anything. You are free to propose to her anywhere.
    And it is very unwise to post your cell phone number online.
    Whatever you hope for is not going to happen. You would be wise to delete this post entirely or at least delete your personal number.
  • babaluna06babaluna06 Posts: 1
    He was asking for Billy Joel to just say one sentence, if not three words. If you didn't read his request and understand the jist, then maybe you should have read his message again. It seems that your goal was not only to squash his sudden idea, but to rain on his proposal parade. Get a grip. 

    Chris4321- I hope that she said yes, and that your moment was special no matter where or how you asked your girlfriend to marry you. 
  • SritzFitzSritzFitz Posts: 34
    edited 02/06/15
    Well, it didn't happen. Maybe people should stop thinking of Billy as a lounge singer.
    And yes, I am capable reading. At no point did he ask for anything in particular. It was so nice, I read it twice.
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