healing, because of Deep River Women

I had 13 wonderful, happy years with my husband Jim. We had four little boys and life was great.  Jim was an iron worker and worked out of town quite often.  He always told me how he'd listen to Billy's cassettes (yes cassettes) and especially the song "Deep River Women" and how the song always reminded him of me.  in Dec /90 Jim was working on a building, and fell.  He died instantly.  The next years were a blur, and some days the only thing that got me through was that song.  I'd put the cassette in the stereo, crank it as loud as I could, stand in the middle of the living room, and play "Deep River Women', over and over again, tears streaming down my cheeks.   Thank you to Billy, for that song.  Even today, when it comes on my playlist, I have to pause what I'm doing, to wipe the tears away. Thank God for good memories.  Connie Krahn-Manning


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