Funny story about the time I hung out with Billy Joel

I hope this is ok to post here...I wanted to share a blog post I just wrote about meeting Billy Joel when I was 16 years old and how incredibly amazing he was to me and my friends.  If you love Billy Joel, you will love this story!  You can read the post at  Hope you enjoy it!


  • Great story, I would even now at 46 would run like a girl if I was face to face with him (okay maybe not, but I would have been in shock. 
    What a memory and great pics.
  • jduttjdutt Posts: 2
    Thank you Jeff, glad you liked it!
  • Great post.  Amazing encounter with greatness. It is a surreal feeling talking to him as a regular guy. I would love to meet him.
  • I have "loved" since the first time I heard "Piano Man" I was about 6 or 7 and I didn't understand how the radio, TV worked I thought this guy telling the story was "real".  At that time I also thought the people on TV lived in the TV.  Then I really got into your music and it spoke to as a person.
  • Great story. He could have said "Get away from my boat!" or even just hi and signed an autograph or something, but that he took 10 minutes out of his day for something that gave you a memory of a lifetime confirms that's he's just a regular, good guy.
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