Have you had any contact with viktor, why the 25 years wait to release your Russian documentary?

I just watched the documentary about your Russian concert tour and it looks like it was narrated in 2014 and was just wondering why the wait to release it. Also the part about Viktor was very touching and just goes to show that humans are very simular once you remove the aura of oppression. I would bet even the people of the middle east would rock if they ever had the chance. How is Viktor doing? I would have love the ending of the documentary to have included an update about him. 


  • SritzFitzSritzFitz Posts: 34
    There was a documentary released at the time, along with a concert video and the album, to supplement the costs of the tour (it was still a loss financially.) The new documentary is basically an update to that.
    Viktor wasn't able to be reached when they were producing it but has recently shown up on Facebook alive and well.
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