A Priceless Gift

On January 9th, 2015, I took my 19 year old daughter to MSG to see one of her favorite artists. Ever since the announcement of the MSG series she has wanted to go, but the ticket prices were a little too high for me to justify. Then I thought 'I'm old and jaded and I've already seen Billy, my daughter deserves to have this experience', so I bought 2 tickets in the 'nose bleed' section. My daughter couldn't have been happier, she was so excited. On the escalator up to our seats a man pulled us aside and asked what seats we were in, we showed him our tickets and he pulled out two others and said he was going to upgrade us 'just for the fun of it'. I thought, this is cool. He gave the tickets to my daughter who looked at them as we walked away, then stopped in her tracks and said we were in row 2!! Row two could be anywhere and the ticket listed the section as 'POD A' - what the heck was that?? At every checkpoint, the guards just kept saying, keep going to the front... POD A was a section next to the stage, in front of first row!!! My daughter started shaking and crying, she was so emotional it warmed my heart that she was experiencing this. We got inside information that when Billy played 'Movin' Out' we could leave our seats and head to the stage, which we did and wound right up against the stage!!! This was a dream come true, sureal. When Billy played 'Always a Woman' my daughter was singing and crying, it was touching and beautiful to see. The camera man on stage thought so too and put her up on the massive monitors. The concert was amazing.My daughter lives life to the fullest. She has been to New Zealand, Costa Rica (for turtle conservation), Thailand (elephant conservation), Mongolia (horseback riding in the back country), Borneo (marine life/reef conservation) and South Africa. But out of all these experiences, I think being selected to sit front row at Billy Joel was one of her most treasured experiences. To Billy and his staff, I can't thank you enough!!!!


  • What an amazing story, and a great memory for you and your daughter.  I have heard rumors of this and glad to know they are true. 
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