Only the NYPD is allowed to attend Billy's concert at MSG carrying their service weapon

John NJohn N Posts: 1
I'm a FED. In today's terrible times, I carry my authorized weapon to protect the public and myself.Madison Square Garden Ownership will not allow Federal/State/Local Police to enter the arena with their weapons.I feel that the public is endangered if this police is allowed to continue.What do you think?


  • SritzFitzSritzFitz Posts: 34
    That's the venue, not the artist. Didn't know they had that policy.
  • In these "terrible times", there is a surplus of crazies and impostors. Anyone, with determination, can get a fake badge and get in. 
    I think it's less of Billy's security issue (I saw Paul McCartney this summer for the third time, no metal detector, pat down, or even an empty of the pockets. And of any musician, he should probably be the most concerned about his personal security).
    If someone with a weapon were to get into a large venue like that, with 18,000 people there, it could be really really bad. In the modern climate, especially in NYC, you cannot take chances.
    Thank you for your service and the risk you take daily. It is much appreciated.
  • SritzFitzSritzFitz Posts: 34
    Ugh it's blind fear like this that is ruining the country. Ever seen the security there? I'd take anyone with a badge over them.
  • SritzFitzSritzFitz Posts: 34
    No one with a semi is walking into a concert even with lax security. I'm willing to take the risk that among 18,000 people some nut job near me has a pistol. I'd much rather know that people with a badge or even a concealed carry are around. I can assure you that there are more cops and feds at a Billy or Paul concert than a Kanye 'concert,' and you know damn well where you would feel safer.
    Different mentalities.
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