Dinner w/ Joel & Friends

My husband, known as Walter or "Zeke" . . .
"Billy Joel. It's not just that Walter loved Joel's music . . . here's the story.While first attending Lander University in Greenwood, SC, he planned to be a Psych major.  One of his favorite professors often mentioned that her husband had been friends with Billy Joel since childhood. Walter would laugh - "ah, sure he is -ha ha - sure".   Then one day this professor and her husband invited Walter for dinner. He accepted and when he entered their home . . . !!!  sure enough - there was Billy Joel!  They all had dinner and chatted.  Then Billy went to the piano . . .  Cool! Walter especially liked his "Glass Houses" album. "

I'm in Atlanta.  I hope someone can get this message to Mr. Joel before his concert here . . .   I lost the love of my life in 2014 to ALS. I would like to let him know how he impressed my husband and more.
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