Hey Billy, I bet you could do something with this ... do you remember?

Okay ... so we're rebellingdon't know whyjust rebelling cause ...that's what we do.
We are cool.You are not.You don't get it.We don't care.
We are togetherfighting for somethingnot sure whatbut we are cool
We have long,k tattered jeans,moccasins and leather braceletsWe are in the knowYou are not!
We smoke pot'Cause it's coolto get away from youDrugs all aroundI need to step back
Think of my futurethis could be seriousthink I'll step back
very confusedfuture?okay ... think, for a minute.could they be right?
Maybe I'll rethinkget my brain straightI know what's right
Grow upthink rightthink clear
Get out of the smokeWhat do I think?I know what I think.I see now.
Come out of itYouth, childishness, me ...others, purpose, kindness, love ..clarity, okay ... but still ...
Grow up nowwhat just happened?so now what?
Go to collegedance to the ballsome still therenot sure where to go
Graduateget the jobseat belts?computer mail?
I guess that's thatget a jobkiss some assget that paycheck
very confusedcould they be right?maybe I'll rethink.....


  • Vienna49Vienna49 Posts: 3
    This is very interesting. Could you please elaborate on where these lyrics came from ? Also what do you mean by "do you remember ?" ?
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