Billy Joel Logan Hall Masterclass London, England 1993

HI Billy, I have been listening to your past Master Class Sessions n You Tube while working at my computer. In particular, your Master Class in England 1993 when you were asked a question of what you would be doing in 20 years. Your answer was that you hoped you would still be performing; I am very happy that your answer has come true as I have been enjoying coming to MSG, Philadelphia, Orlando, and Atlanta listening to my favorite signer song writer of all times. It is interesting how you spoke of your dad and what he looks like, as in your concerts you keep referring to how you look like your dad. I am enjoying your concerts each and every time and listen to your albums and your concerts almost every day. I do have one request, can you please play Angry Young Man in Orlando on New Years Eve please. You have not played that song since you have been back on tour and I was wondering why and hoping that you soon will. Thank you for continuing to play your music, as long as you keep playing I will keep coming to see you. 
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