Appalling Ticket Prices set by Resellers.

Ticket buying today is appalling! Billy Joel.... I have seen you in concert many times in the past and I have been a fan since the mid 70's. Your concerts were always amazing. One of my favorite parts of your concerts was you exclaiming "Don't take shit from anybody" at the end of the show. Well why do I have to "take shit" from corporate buying groups that gobble up every damn ticket for your shows? (I know it's just the norm in the industry for all concerts and venues)! Tickets go on sale to the public at 10 am and by 10:04 ALL are gone except for a few single seats here and there. I go to a reseller site and voile, there are no tickets under $180... plenty of which are obstructed view! How the hell is that fair to the millions of fans like me?Much of your career and songwriting is built on the fight of the working man, striving to get ahead.... well, sorry to say, unless you and other artists band together and set new policy on ticket sales, this hard woking man will never be able to afford to take his 14 yr old daughter, who through my love of your music, is now a fan, to a Billy Joel concert. Seriously, almost $400 (after reseller scalping price, fees and taxes) for her and me to see you perform? How is it legal for these groups to do that... when a regular guy on the street outside a venue can get arrested for scalping tickets for $10 above face value!?!? Your shows are amazing. But to see one today with this kind of corrupt system dictating who comes to see you perform? Thanks, but no thanks. Hopefully, Billy Joel  himself will get to read this. Highly doubtful I'm sure.


  • EXACTLY my thought too.   I have been a fan for years  back when we stood in line over night to land good seats.  I want that chance again.  I want NO tickets sold thru the phone/computer only at the venue absolutely NO MARKUP OF TICKET PRICES  make people buy them with an ID and charge a little more or Set up a fan club pre sale for us hard core fans not thru a certain credit card, thru a FAN CLUB that allows only 2 or 4 tickets per fan  and only with ID's to match at the door or the tickets get taken away and resold.  YOU HAVE THE POWER MR JOEL don't take any shit form anybody used to be your thing  what the hell happened?  are you gonna let your real fans down?  what  happened to the complete album concerts?   How about You go to your FAN CLUB under a fake name and see whats up.  Billy Joel: COMPLETELY RETOLD on facebook.  Your real fans deserve good seats at reasonable prices and if you fill the arena with US  instead of the wanna bee's  you would not have to sing PIANO MAN in fact  you could sing all not hits to an amazing Standing ovation. imagine a sell out to US hard core fans?   we want the obscure stuff and COVERS do what ever you want, "Do whats good for you or your not good for anybody"    A FAN CLUB ONLY concert would be THE event even better than your best MSG show.  
  • I have to agree about the ridiculous way tickets are bought i hate the fact that unless you are american and have access to a citi card you are on the back burner for purchasing that's one main obstacle but the bug bearer for me is Ticketmaster and sister companies that are nothing more than leeches who pray on die hard fans of any artist gone are the days when you could get tickets at face's now the biggest rip off in the music industry ...i don't know how they get away with this daylight robbery i just wish some good solicitor would get on the case and put a nail in the coffin of scalpers...every time i try to purchase tickets for any concert it's virtually impossible hence my disappointment ...come on artists club together and make your fans happy this coming new year ....unless your in on this scam too?
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