R4 Alliance Maximizing the Healing Power of Nature and Recreation for Our Military Family

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<![endif]--> This letter is going to start out like the majority of your
fan letters. I am a long time fan of yours. Granted I have only been in this
world for 41 years but my sister introduced me to you back in elementary
school. One of the few smart things she did when we were children.

October you preformed at Madison Square Garden. My sister went without me! One of the worst things she has done since becoming
adults. Personally it was childish of her to go without me.

To the point. You are an American Icon who has added value
to the music industry while touching the lives of millions of people. Including
my 15 year old daughter who agrees with me about her Aunt going without us.

Back in 2004-2005 our lives took an unexpected turn.  My husband was deployed to Iraq during
Operation Iraqi Freedom. While there he used 5 of his 9 lives. Nine years later
we live with a continual every changing daily new normal. Brain injury, post
traumatic stress, spinal issues, and how to live.

Brett Gillette through Higher Ground out of Ketchum, ID
began us down the needed path of reintegration back into life through
recreational therapy. We had forgotten due to my husband's multiple medical
appoints. These appoints continue today but we now continually practice the art
of recreational therapy in so many formats.

Our story is not unique. There are many service men &
women throughout the United States who have their own stories. Their families -
spouse, significant others, parents, children, valued people in their lives
struggle day to day to maintain emotionally and physically.

R4 Alliance was the brain child of one Brett Gillette who is
passionate about making a difference. A needed difference in the live of
Military Families. R4 Alliance is filling a gap in the medical profession.
"R4 Alliance is a
membership of programs of excellence providing therapeutic and community based Recreation services to Our Military
Family. We are focused and committed to achieving the highest quality
services through collaborative efforts in Research, education, standards of
excellence, economic viability, and continuum of care across our service
community. We believe these services are essential to
the holistic Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Our Military

Music is therapy. DeWayne didn't grow up with music like I
did. Generations of musical people in our family. We have introduced music into
DeWayne's life because he didn't have a choice. Now, more than ever, DeWayne
benefits from music. DeWayne never knows what music to expect from our daughter
and I, but he accepts it with a smile. He even tries hard and sometimes sings
in our church choir. I stress tries... with a smile.

As board secretary, as a spouse, a caregiver, and passionate
about continuum of care of our military families, I personally would like to
invite you to check out our website. 
www.r4alliance.org. Then call myself or any board member to ask
question, make comments, and discuss how you can contribute to continuum of
care. There are many opportunities to review. Your support in our continued
efforts to make a difference in Military Families' lives will helps us continue
to show they can reach higher, dream brighter, and hold on tighter.

We also have an advisory board option. Where you will pick
and chose what you do and when. Having your support and backing for making a
difference in our Military Families lives means the most.

Fun side note. You and our executive director  Chuck Steele have some similar looks.


Jeannette D.-Mayer

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