Billy Joel songbook on tour in UK...Elio Pace is amazing

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For those wanting to see Billy's music on tour in the UK even though Billy himself isn't touring, get along to see the fantastic Elio Pace and his band on tour in the Uk and Ireland doing "The Billy Joel Songbook." Elio Pace gives a fantastic performance that is authentic and the love he has of Billy's music really comes through. I believe the tour has Billy's approval so check him out on youtube and get along to see the show, you won't be disappointed. I've seen Billy live three times and the band really captures the spirit of Billy's music. We went to see the show two weeks ago and it was that good we have tickets to see him again this weekend.


  • Elio Pace and his amazing band are absolutely brilliant.   Saw them in August in Eastbourne; and I can honestly say that if I had closed my eyes I would have been in the presence of Billy Joel - it was that good and more - Elio is very information about Billy J, and it was an absolute pleasure to listen to his words and music - he is a credit to Billy Joel - I probably wont ever get the chance to see Billy Joel in person - big dream that wont happen - but at least we have Elio - highly recommend everyone seeing him
  • As a lifelong Billy Joel fan I was a bit sceptical of the amazing reviews I'd read for Elio Pace's Billy Joel Songbook tour, but knowing I'll probably never get to see Billy live persuaded my wife to accompany me to the Scarborough spa theatre on a cold, dark November night to watch Elio and his band.  And I'm so glad I did - this isn't a tribute act, it's a celebration of the music and genius of Billy Joel, performed by an amazingly accomplished musician and his talented band.  No way would I have believed anyone could do justice to Billy's music in the way Elio did that night, and I urge Billy's fans in the UK to get to one of Elio Pace's Billy Joel songbook shows.  Google it and book your tickets - I promise you won't be disappointed.  We've booked again for this year and can't wait.   
  • Our second Elio Pace show was as brilliant as the first, and it was great to see the theatre packed out.

    Thought we'd try something different though this year - 2 tickets for a gig at Wembley Stadium in September by some bloke from New York... :)
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