Billy, I am currently sat in a prison like room with no windows in a terrible "hotel" in Chinatown! Its the cheapest hotel in New York! I'm sat here and im reflecting on things. It's occured to me that when you toured the USSR you found that your music talked to the people because everbody loves music. This is how Viktor came about, you touched his life and he touched yours. Then I thought this exact same thing is still happening today but on another level. I have come over from the UK. This week before your show I'm meeting a guy called Leonard from Allentown. He is staying at the same hotel. We are going to an italian restaurant on Mulberry street. Later we are meeting a woman called susan before the show in the skybar. We are all sat near each other. After the show we are meeting your band again. Crystal is a lovely woman. On Saturday I'm meeting Jeff from the Bronx and Susan. We are getting a train to Long Island and meeting Andy Gilmartin. He is going to show us the glass house, 20th century cycles and other sights related to you. All this started for me at 11 years old when I watched Wembley 1984 which my Dad taped from the TV. As soon as I moved out at 19 I took piano lessons and bought a piano so I could play your music. Im even looking at a transfer to New York with work (please continue the residency lol) The point I am trying to make is that I have all these friends that I didn't have before and having a great time. Why??? Because we all love the music!! Thank you, Best Regards, Paul.
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