Suggestions for making my own shot at a Russian door opening?

At 62, I am researching a large 5 series project so Americans can witness the History, Cultures, and Traditions of the former USSR.  Born in Ohio, son of the man responsible for non-destructive testing of the jet engine blades for the B52s that threatened Russia with Atomic Incineration, I ended up meeting the Russian Ambassador whose father made the rockets pointed at the US and a younger me, on a visit to Dublin.  I am interest in taking some of my boyhood friends and some people who can explain Russian Culture and History to sites and events in Russia so Americans and people from the West can understand the events and people that contributed to the making of this other community, really communities, that eventually became Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and the rest.A former English teacher, Creative Writing group leader, and touring musician, I want to make the world a safer place for my kids and the children of the World, and to build understanding through filming visits and explanations as part of an organized and human experience that can transcend the prejudices that governments have generated, and to get to know the people of Russia and the former Soviet Union.Suggestions?Rick Myers, Mitchelstown, Co Cork, Ireland


  • Sounds like a documentary that Ken Burns and PBS would do. Good luck I'll watch it and hope to learn something from it. my only suggestion is to talk to real people and leave out the politics as much as possible.
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