Long Island Flood Victims need Billy Joels help!!

I am posting on this forum in hopes of getting Billy Joel's attention. There are hundreds of families on Long Island who have been devastated by floods on August 13th due to the Historic rainfall. My family and I are just one of the victims, we lost so much and the second level of our home has been devastated by flood damage! We like so many of our fellow Long Islanders have been told that our insurance will not cover any of this damage. I have 4 children and cannot afford to bear this financial strain to rebuild half of our home! I am just one of hundreds that have the same story to tell. Long Island needs the help of our government who has yet to step in and declare a Disaster area, s we can get the help of FEMA.  We need people like Billy Joel who have star status and who love Long Island like we do, to help us get noticed by the Federal Government! If anyone can bring this situation to his attention I and so many other victims would be beyond grateful! We started a petition to send to Governor Cuomo, link below: Please help!http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/federal-help-to-floodThank you,Natalie CostanzaRonkonkoma, NY
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