That fire you denied starting - Still burning

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Sadly I have the musical ability of a crow with a cough, so these lyrics wont fit the music - but you get the idea.  I wrote this after hearing this song after a long time a couldn't believe how many things haven't changed or simply the names have changed e.g Russians in Afghanistan.
George Bush, NSA ,China Booms

South Pacific, Ben Bernake, 9/11

Harry Potter, Lost Rings, Flat Screen Televisions

North Korea, South Korea, Jersey shore

Autism, Vaccines, England got same queen

Michael, Whitney, Amy  say Goodbye

Vladamir Putin, Hussein, Assad and Palin

Rockefeller, Austerity, Communism rocksWe didn't start the fire 
It was always burning 
Since the world's been turning 
We didn't start the fire 
No we didn't light it 
But we tried to fight it  Kim Jong, El Baredei, Sovereign DebtNorth Koreas rocket fails, facebook on stock exchangeSteven Hawking, Jodi Foster, Climate change, Rigged elections, Al-Gore ,Twin towers no moreOprah, , I-Pads, Taliban, Simon Cowell,Princess Kate, Gordie Shore, trouble in the SuezTerror Bombs Clintons, Miracle on the HudsonMars Rover, Abenomics, Senkaku islands


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    [Chorus] Katrina, o.j homicide, children of fluoxetineEgypt, Palestine, Dan Brown, Baseball strikeKurt Kobain, Batman, BP Oil spillPokemon, Israel, Clinton got a blow jobParis Hilton, Fanny & Mae, OsbournesEuro debt, Greece riots, haircuts in cypressLady Gaga, Madonna, Middle East invasionDan Brown, Prism, Snowden in a strange land[Chorus] Gaddaffi of Libya, Bush reads Pet GoatGay marriage, Kristen cheats PattinsonPope Francis, Rodney King, U.S Politicians sexBoston bombing what else do I have to say[Chorus] IVF, Octomum, George Bush back againFinancial crisis, bank stocks, Wikileaks, glee rockBarack, Obama, Muslims, terror on the airlineNuclear weapons in iran, U.S in AfghanistanReality TV, Big Brother, 3D Flat ScreensForeign Debts, U.S debts, Quantitive easingGhost cities, Petro dollar, U.S under martial lawInternet spying wars, I cant take it anymore[Chorus] 
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