In Conversation with Liberty DeVitto (Billy's Drummer for 30 years)

DeVitto in Conversation


So your main project now is The
Slim Kings, give us an idea how things are going with your new band? 

We were just in the studio recording with
famed producer Steve Jordan. We are very happy with the outcome.


How to you see The Slim Kings
evolving over the next few years?

Hopefully we will get some well deserved
recognition with these new recordings.


What do you think the future of
the recording industry is?

Music will always be a part of life. The
musicians need to take it back out of the hands of the corporate


You had 30 years playing with the
same artist in theatres, arenas and stadiums.  Do you look back and think
you got in bad playing habits at the end of this period?

you Liberty and hope the rest of your year is fruitful, prosperous and healthy.
Liberty DeVitto was in Conversation with Kevin Bowles                              
[email protected]
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